Banking on Success

Why switzerland?


Asset Protection.

US Tax Compliant.

Global Approach.

Wealth Preservation.

US Citizens living at home and abroad are able to diversify their asset base, creating an alternative solution in Switzerland and providing themselves with an extra layer of asset protection. It is important to note that  US clients should only work with advisors who are regulated by FINMA in Switzerland and registered with the SEC in the States. 

Think Global.

Asset Diversification.

Asset diversification should be a fundamental part of any plan aimed at wealth preservation. The reliance on one asset type, one market or one currency will increase the risk profile in any portfolio. The same is true for the reliance on one banking system. Most US clients have to rely on the US banking system for their daily, personal and business needs, but diversifying part of their assets away from the US will help to reduce risk, particularly to a country with long term economic and political stability such as Switzerland.

Choose a Banker.

A great selection.

Choosing the right banking advisor or asset manager can be a difficult task, given the wide variety of platforms on offer. Our experience has shown us that clients choose the advisor before they choose the bank. In other words, the personal relationship is of great importance to them. They need to believe, trust and get on with their advisor. We also believe the best advisors work independently of the banks, and can therefore choose a service or design a portfolio which is best for the client. We would be happy to introduce you to some of the top SEC registered advisors in Switzerland.

Over the past decade we have created a network of the leading bankers in Switzerland. We would be happy to help you choose the right banking team to fit your exact needs.