Taking Care of Loved Ones

Life Insurance.

Premium Finance.

All of our clients need life insurance, some have greater need than others, but none of them wish to pay for the premiums!

Our partners work with both onshore and offshore insurance companies and can provide tailor-made solutions for clients of all ages and nationalities. 

Making Plans.

Economic Impact.

Making sure you have enough life cover to take care of the economic impact of death is one of the most important parts of any financial planning.

Taking the right advice and implementing cover is not easy, given the huge choice of plans and insurance companies. Using a regulated insurance broker is normally the best way to ensure you will receive independent, qualified advice from trained professionals. We would be happy to introduce you to our specialists.

premium finance.

create wealth.


Premium finance enables clients to set up large life policies, normally with a minimum life cover of $5million or a minimum premium of $250,000, and through low cost bank lending, they can fund the premiums of an institutionally priced life insurance policy. Typically, banks will lend between 90 to 100% of the premium amount, and use the polciy as collateral for the loan.

Through a system of arbitrage, the difference between the growth of equity within the policy and the price of lending or the interest rate, policies will create a positive cash value over time. Our premium finance specialists have ways to mitigate the risks on interest rates and also ensure that equity returns do not fall below a certain level. We refer to premium finance as ‘using other people’s money to create wealth!’